Is it Spring Yet?

It’s been a long, hard winter! A lot of things have changed, such as starting up the new website, creating and testing and then launching new products, and in general, branching out The Raw Spa. It’s been a lot of work, too, and I absolutely would not have been able to do it with out the support of my friends, family and partner.
It’s still cold in Philly, but I think it’s finally safe to say that things are looking like MAYBE it will start to warm up and become more spring-like! True, two days ago, we had 15″ of snow dumped on top of us… but it’s been slowly but surely melting! And today I went outside without needing to wear 25 layers of clothing!
The on-coming spring is always exciting for me, since it means that it is time to start gearing up for First Fridays and Farmers Markets! I’ll be trying out some new approaches this season, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.
In other news, I’m working on a new Spring-Summer product line, “The Tea House of the August Moon”, which is coming together very nicely! There will be a few limited edition fragrance options (okay, A LOT of limited edition fragrance options, since this product line is debuting with Kerosene Side Show’s “Tea House of the August Moon” lingerie collection!), and four standard fragrance options, inspired by the four seasons!
This particular line of products is going hand in hand (hopefully!), with Kerosene Side Show’s new lingerie line,  which incorporates vintage Kimono fabric and Asian color theory with vintage lingerie styles! If everything goes according to plan, it will be amazing!
You can find out more about the lingerie collection at The Manneighquinne Files: A Blog , and you can follow the progress of the new products I’m working on here, and through the various and sundry other social networks The Raw Spa pops up on! 🙂
NOTE- For full disclosure and transparency, I also own and operate Kerosene Side Show.