This weeks smooth sale: Apricot Oil!

Hey Gang! It’s Monday which means it’s time for another rousing flash sale! This week’s spotlight ingredient is apricot oil, the healthy, hydrating friend to massage therapists everywhere! Which means our most powerful hydrating cream, Green Nile Body Balm, is 10% off this week!

In case you didn’t catch our “WTF is…”, this week we covered apricot oil. A few fun facts: First, nobody knows where the apricot was originally grown. The leading theory suggests Armenia but China is also a popular theory. Also on top of being a good source of linoleic and oleic acid, apricot oil is also a phenomenal natural lubricant. Since it absorbs into the skin quickly it is often used as a slick massage oil that does not leave much residue.

Whether it be for a massage or to hydrate your skin, our Green Nile Body Balm uses a powerful combination of ingredients to get the job done.

Get it on sale here! 

And you can browse the store in general here! 


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