Ze Rahw Spah Ehz Eckspearienseeng Teknikuhl Dehfehcolteez Aht De Mohmehnt

Hey gang! Sorry for the delayed posts but we’re currently having problems of a technological nature and are gonna be putting the blog posts and social media updates on hold for a bit.

The store and the Patreon will be open so you can still buy bath confections and support The Raw Spa but the blog will be down for a while while we get some online issues out of the way.

Look forward to our return though! Because when we come back we’ll have a brand new segment for the blog: Behind the Spoon! A video segment in which Guy follows Mack around the kitchen while she’s making product and asks her to explain the process while making all manner of commentary.

For those of you who have been keeping up with our ‘WTF is…?’ posts, thank you so much for your continued readership! You rock, your outfit rocks, and we love you guys!

We expect to return to our regular blogging schedule next week, February 7th.

Until then!

Team Raw Spa


WTF is…Charcoal?!

So with 2015 (and all those wonderful holidays) done and over with you’ll probably find yourself saddled with one of two things. Either loads of presents from being a good little boy/girl or a surplus of barbecue fuel. If you wound up with the latter don’t pout or cry, because Santa actually gave you the perfect tool to clean up your act. Introducing Charcoal, one of the most widely used toxin filters in the world.


This is one of the best filters out there! Shocking, I know! Image via en.wikipedia.org

Now before you start rubbing Kingsford all over your face there are a few things you should know. Charcoal, or carbon, that is used for filtration is put through a process called activation to increase it’s effectiveness as a filter. Activated charcoal usually comes in the form of powder and is used to absorb a wide variety of toxins and impurities. Medicinally, activated charcoal is used for it’s ability to treat alcohol poisonings and drug overdoses.


Soooo useful inside and out! Image via en.wikipedia.org

It can also be used to help whiten your teeth. No, we’re serious! Just add a dab of activated charcoal powder to your toothpaste and it’ll not only clean the gook from your gums but absorb any residual gook in your teeth! Just make sure your rinse and spit thoroughly to avoid looking like you have Gila Monster mouth.

When it comes to your skin, activated carbon acts as a sponge to draw out the dirt and oils within which is then easily rinsed off. So when you wash that black sludge mask off your face know that it is MUCH cleaner then before you put it on.

Here in The Raw Spa we use activated charcoal in our Marquis&Baron bars, which we are hoping to have in the store this week, and Red Room bars from our Erotica Sensualis line to give you a powerful cleanse whether you are taking a shower or a bath.

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WTF is…Kaolin Clay?!

The Raw Spa hereby makes a solemn vow: Next weeks ingredient spotlight will not be a clay. Three weeks running is quite the streak for us but this weeks clay is just too good to pass up. Introducing our third and final participant in the inadvertent three-week, three-clay marathon, Kaolin Clay!

It's not too far a jump from this... Image via geology.uonbi.ac.ke

It’s not too far a jump from this… Image via geology.uonbi.ac.ke

Kaolin clay, also called China clay, is a common mineral that can be found all over the world. The name is derived from Chinese Kao-Ling, a village in china. The name came into English from the french version of the word: kaolin. the clay is mainly used in paper production but it is also used in: Ceramics, toothpaste, paint, organic farming, poultices, gauze and of course cosmetics. It’s not quite the sesame seed oil of minerals but it’s a strong contender.

...To this! Amazing no? Image via shop.newdirections.com.au

…To this! Amazing no? Image via shop.newdirections.com.au

As an agent for skin care, well…think of it as the mildest of the clays. Kaolin clay, when applied topically, absorbs moisture and wicks oil away from the point of contact. For people who have obscenely sensitive skin and break out if they so much as think about the more intensive clays, kaolin is the way to go. It is so mild that it is often used as a replacement for baby powder or talcum powder. In fact, is almost primarily sold as a very fine powder. Use it as a mask, mix it in with your lotion or eat it, you basically cant go wrong with aolin clay.

Here at The Raw Spa, we make use of kaolin clay’s soothing and absorbent properties. For more oily skin we have, for your dermatological pleasure, most of our Cleopatra products from the Jewel of the Nile line, which helps to break up the oils but still protects your skin. Also utilizing kaolin powder is Whips and Kisses from the Erotica Sensualis line. Feel free to check out our spotlight sale and get some today!

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