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WTF is…Charcoal?!

So with 2015 (and all those wonderful holidays)┬ádone and over with you'll probably find yourself saddled with one of two things. Either loads of presents from being a good little boy/girl or a surplus of barbecue fuel. If you wound up with the latter don't pout or cry, because Santa actually gave you the perfect… Continue reading WTF is…Charcoal?!


WTF is…Kaolin Clay?!

The Raw Spa hereby makes a solemn vow: Next weeks ingredient spotlight will not be a clay. Three weeks running is quite the streak for us but this weeks clay is just too good to pass up. Introducing our third and final participant in the inadvertent three-week, three-clay marathon, Kaolin Clay! Kaolin clay, also called… Continue reading WTF is…Kaolin Clay?!