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Science Saturday: Bisabolol

Today we're going to be talking about bisabolol. It's the primary constituent in chamomile essential oils, with a sweet scent, and some serious soothing power!

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WTF is… Chamomile?!

Chamomile. It's sweet, it's calming, and it doesn't really get enough credit! While it's most commonly known for being used in tea, this humble little flower packs a bounty of skin benefits, especially for sensitive and easily irritated skin!

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WTF is… Green Tea?!

Green Tea is pretty much universally loved and hailed as the best thing since sliced bread. It's even older than the concept of sliced bread, making it a serious contender in the global commodities market. Considering that entire countries have waged wars all over the world to get this simple herb, we thought we'd take a second to steep in what makes Green Tea such a hot topic.