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Science Saturday: Polyphenols

Today we're taking a look at polyphenols! Don't let the name scare you- they are awesome phytochemical that are probably in more of your products than you think!

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WTF is… Neem?!

Sometimes the best things stink. No, literally. Neem oil reeks. It's aroma is a diabolical trifecta of raw sewage, fresh garlic and espresso. But it's also a really amazing oil for skin!

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WTF is… Rhubarb?!

As a staple in any self-respecting witch doctors garden, rhubarb is a pretty useful plant. And much like old timey shamans, Rhubarb can be both incredibly healing and exceptionally toxic if used in certain ways. Bet you won't look at a rhubarb pie the same way now! But don't worry, I'll tell you how you can safely get your fingers in this pie.