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Science Saturday: Gluconic Acid!

Earlier this week, we dove into the awesomeness of honey, which contains gluconic acid!

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WTF is… Neem?!

Sometimes the best things stink. No, literally. Neem oil reeks. It's aroma is a diabolical trifecta of raw sewage, fresh garlic and espresso. But it's also a really amazing oil for skin!

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WTF is…Goats Milk?!

On the big long list of things we rub on our skin to make it happy, goats milk is one of the more straightforward ones. I mean, just because it's sharp doesn't mean we have to use it as an exfoliant. Oh I'm sorry was that too cheesy for your liking? Alright I'll stop kidding around. Let's talk about why goat's milk is so *bleat*ing good for you!

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WTF is…Coffee?!

Look, let's just lay it out on the table. The Raw Spa consists of two twenty-somethings who work hard everyday. We. Freaking. Love. Coffee. Look at the first goal of our Patreon and you'll see just how much we love┬ácoffee. But in addition to downing a good old cup of joe, we like putting it… Continue reading WTF is…Coffee?!