The (Much Delayed) Kitchen Sink Spa Files: DIY Milk & Honey Face Wash

There are A LOT of formulas in my Raw Spa arsenal, and sadly, many of my favorite products are just for house use, like this creamy cleanser. So why not share a little love while we all wait impatiently for spring to swing into gear, am I right?

Don’t let the name fool you- oats are the real star of the show here, helping to calm, condition, and soften dry skin! If you missed out on why oats are so awesome, you can check out the blog post HERE.

This was one of the first things I ever mixed together on my own, and while I’ve played around with the idea of bringing them to the store and farmers market, it’s just so incredibly simple, I figured I’d just share the recipe with you, to make at home. It makes a pretty big batch, so if you are just using it on your face, I’d recommend storing it in a jar.

Honestly, I like to use it once or twice a week as a whole body wash, especially in the drier weather. The honey helps to deeply hydrate your skin, the oats calm irritation and help condition the skin, and the powdered milk adds just a little bit of extra exfoliation. You can substitute the dried milk with finely milled nuts or sunflower seeds!


1/2 c. honey (I’m a sucker for Swarmbustin’ Honey)

1/4 c. whole oats (see NOTE)

2 Tbs. powdered milk


1. Using a spice grinder (or, if you are looking for a hard core arm work out, grab a mortar and pestle), finely grind the oats. NOTE: different oats will grind up to different textures. Any rolled oats will work for this recipe, but we used locally grown Morganics oats, which a rolled super thin, and grind up to a very silky powder.)

2. Combine the oat flower with the powdered milk and honey. Stir slowly to incorporate the ingredients. If it becomes to thick to stir, use your hands to work it into a well blended mass!

3. Scrape it into an air tight container. As long as you keep water out of the container, it will pretty much keep indefinitely… all though the honey may crystallize over time. You can also roll the paste into little single serving face bonbons! I used a teaspoon to scoop them out.


-Mix a large pinch of cleanser (or one face bonbon!) in your hand, with a little water, to make a creamy gel texture.

-Massage the cleanser into your face and neck. You can let it sit for a minute or two as a mask!

-Rinse well with warm water, and pat dry.

All done!! I recommend following this up with your favorite moisturizer, to keep your skin feeling great!

Let me know what you think in the comments!



Sore Throat Sippies, Natural Remedy

Yeah, I’m still sick. On the bright side, I’m getting better every day, just in time for final exams! Yay!! (Not really “Yay!”, I hate finals…)

Anyway, part of having this wonderful flu-bug is the sore throat. No matter how much water and orange juice I drank, my throat still felt like the Sahara during a heat wave.

Enter my Sore Throat Sippy! The recipe is super simple, and it makes a really lovely non-caffeinated tea even if you don’t have a sore throat!

What You Will Need:

1 Tbs. whole cloves

1 slice of lemon

Boiling water

Honey to taste

Put the cloves and lemon slice into a mug, top with boiling water and stir in the honey. Allow the blend to steep for three minutes, and enjoy!

The honey and the cloves both soothe and help to heal your throat, and the lemon gives you a little bit of vitamin C, which certainly won’t hurt you. 🙂

I hope you like the recipe! And I promise, once I’m all healthy again, and through finals, I will focus more on skin and beauty care, instead of plague-care!