We’re Moved In…Mostly!

Hey Gang!

Jeebus almighty it’s been two months already?! Well sorry to keep you waiting! Moving in was, shall we say, a unique experience. But we’re back, mostly unpacked and getting ready to gear things up for the fall and winter seasons!

To celebrate the fact that we’ve liberating the majority of our things from the moving boxes were having a sale! “A sale for what” you might ask. Everything! That’s right! The Raw Spa Store is open again and absolutely everything is for sale! And it’s going to stay on sale all through October! So jump on in and check us out!

Oh and if you’d like to see pictures of the landfill turned post apocalyptic war-zone that is our apartment, pictures are incoming soon!

Stay crunchy!

Mack and Guy at The Raw Spa

Mack adds this disclaimer “Let them know that we’ll be adding more things to the store, but they won’t all be on sale. It’s just all the things I put in this week. Oh! and give them a 10% off coupon code!”


Here is your 10% off coupon code: SUPERGREEN


Happy Holidays from The Raw Spa!

Hey gang! We here at The Raw Spa wish you happy holidays and a brand new year! We’ll be delaying this weeks “WTF is…” Until January 2nd while we try to sleep off the massive holiday hang…nail. Hangnails. From mixing stuff so hard. Yeah. That.

The store will still be open and you can still support us on Patreon as well! you can find our Patreon here, at The Raw Spa Patreon!¬†Or if you just want to chat you can email us and we’ll wish each other happy holidays!

See you in 2016 folks!

-The Raw Spa Team