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WTF is… Rose Hips?!

Today is all about the hips! Rose hips, that is! The fruit of the dog rose, or Rosa canina, rose hip has become one of the darling botanicals of the skincare industry, and for good reason!

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WTF is… Green Tea?!

Green Tea is pretty much universally loved and hailed as the best thing since sliced bread. It's even older than the concept of sliced bread, making it a serious contender in the global commodities market. Considering that entire countries have waged wars all over the world to get this simple herb, we thought we'd take a second to steep in what makes Green Tea such a hot topic.

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WTF is… Turmeric?!

Turmeric is what the layman would describe as an 'exotic spice'. It doesn't help that it's a widely used ingredient in several Indian dishes, and a well known component in Ayurvedic medicine. But before you go raiding your spice cabinet, let's get some facts for your cerebral curry!

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WTF is… Rhubarb?!

As a staple in any self-respecting witch doctors garden, rhubarb is a pretty useful plant. And much like old timey shamans, Rhubarb can be both incredibly healing and exceptionally toxic if used in certain ways. Bet you won't look at a rhubarb pie the same way now! But don't worry, I'll tell you how you can safely get your fingers in this pie.

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WTF is… Apricot Oil?!

If you've never spent an afternoon off with a bag of dried apricots we here at the raw spa definitely recommend it. The delicious fruit snack is all natural (which is good), very nutritious (which is great), and super tasty (which we absolutely love). Also a bag of dried apricots lack the stone, or kernel,… Continue reading WTF is… Apricot Oil?!