WTF is… Turmeric?!

Back when I was a kid, one of my favorite spices was "too-MER-ick". My mom hit on it early, before it was a common spice at the grocery store. I've been thrilled to watch its meteoric rise to stardom, especially in the world of herbalism. Because WOW-WEEEEEEEEE is turmeric an awesome little rhizome! The beautiful… Continue reading WTF is… Turmeric?!

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DIY Musical Honey Massage Mask

This super simple face mask is by far Mack's favorite, especially in the cold weather, when dry skin can get a little Return-of-the-Mummy. You can use this mask as often as you would like, once a month, once a week, every day... as long as you have honey on hand! 🙂

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WTF is… Honey? 2.0

Honey . What's not to love about it? We use it in food, drink, and alcohol. Honey even has a cult status in the DIY skincare community for it's historical use as a preservative and an almost miraculous heal-all. While we recommend you comb through the facts yourself, we here at The Raw Spa will give you just a tiny scoop!