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WTF is…Oats?!

Winter is coming everyone! It's time to grab your stuff and gear up! Gloves? Cheek! Coat! Check! Oats! Check? Thats right folks it's time to grab your oats as the weather gets colder and not just for making delicious oatmeal (with brown sugar). Oats are great for helping your skin fight off the harsh conditions… Continue reading WTF is…Oats?!

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WTF is… Honey?

Honey. What is not to love about honey? It has a pleasingly sweet taste and aroma. We use it in food, drink, and alchohol. Shoot, in america we go so far as to call loved ones by the nickname “Honey”. Honey even has a kind of cult status in the DIY natural health community, supposedly… Continue reading WTF is… Honey?

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WTF is… Apricot Oil?!

If you've never spent an afternoon off with a bag of dried apricots we here at the raw spa definitely recommend it. The delicious fruit snack is all natural (which is good), very nutritious (which is great), and super tasty (which we absolutely love). Also a bag of dried apricots lack the stone, or kernel,… Continue reading WTF is… Apricot Oil?!