WTF is…Oats?!

Winter is coming everyone! It’s time to grab your stuff and gear up! Gloves? Cheek! Coat! Check! Oats! Check? Thats right folks it’s time to grab your oats as the weather gets colder and not just for making delicious oatmeal (with brown sugar). Oats are great for helping your skin fight off the harsh conditions of winter. So grab your grains and hunker down. It’s time to talk oats!

Mmmm-mmm! Good inside and out! Photo via

Before oats was recognized as the grain we all know and love (with brown sugar), it was considered a weed. In fact the term ‘sewing wild oats’ is a reference to the rampant and widespread growth that oats were once known for. However after it was domesticated, oats became a staple in many peoples diet, even to this day! In Scotland oats are still held in high esteem and are a mainstay of the national diet. In briatin oats are sometimes used for brewing beer. Even here in america, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s never heard of good old fashoned oatmeal (with brown sugar).


This is what oats look like before they go into your oatmeal! Photo via

Not only are oats a great source of energy, but they’re also good for your skin too (but leave out the brown sugar.) Oats are great for exfoliation as the saposins help to gently remove dirt and oil from your pores. And oats also contain polysaccharides which become gelatenous in water and leave a protective residue on the skin preventing further damage. Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, exfoliating. What else can we say but: Bring on the oats!

If your looking for oats in our products look no further than Nefertiti and Cleopatra from the Jewel of the Nile line. Also all our After Care products from the Erotica Sensualis line contain oats. And as an added bonus we’re using oats in our Candy Man and Pumpkinhead products from the seasonal Things That Go Bump! line. Speaking of Things That Go Bump, this is the last week that the Halloween line will be available before the monsters and creepy crawlies go south for the winter!

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And if you didn’t catch out “WTF is…” this week, honey is that sweet delicious nectar that we all know and love but it’s better for you on the outside than it is on the inside. Nutritionally it only has trace amounts of essential nutrients. However, when it comes to your skin it is a great anti-oxidant, moisturizer, and anti inflammatory!

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WTF is… Honey?

Honey. What is not to love about honey? It has a pleasingly sweet taste and aroma. We use it in food, drink, and alchohol. Shoot, in america we go so far as to call loved ones by the nickname “Honey”. Honey even has a kind of cult status in the DIY natural health community, supposedly having the ability to help heal wounds and serve as a preservative. While we recommend you comb through the facts yourself, we here at the Raw Spa will give you just a tiny scoop (okay I’ll stop now).

Good old fashioned honey! Image via

Good old fashioned honey! Image via

To lets start from the basics. Honey is a thick substance created from nectar, mainly by honey bees of the genus Apis. For the sake of simplicity I’m going to call them honey bees… but they are, interestingly enough, not all bees. The honey bees collect nectar from various flora, convert it into honey through a method of partial digestion, and store it in a wax matrix (the honey comb) as a food source. Speaking of food source, honey is NOT especially nutritious all by itself. In fact honey is mainly devoid of essential nutrients, and contains only trace amounts of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Honey: Put a lot on you, not so much in you. Image via

Honey: Put a lot on you, not so much in you. Image via

Now just because it’s not all that great for you inside does not mean it’s bad for you outside. It DOES contain ferulic acid and caffeic acid. Ferulic acid is a wonderful anti-oxidant and helps to moisturize skin, while caffeic acid offers both antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. So it does have skin soothing, anarchist fighting – sorry, totally meant free radicals. What was I thinking?! – free radical fighting properties. As an added bonus, honey also acts a a humuctant, which is fancy-speak for saying that honey helps to draw moisture into the skin, as well as having softening properties.

This guy knows what we're talking about. Image via and Blake Little

This guy knows what we’re talking about. Image via and Blake Little

So while it’s no Philosopher’s Stone, it is pretty awesome stuff… and it is incredibly delicious! Did we mention that?

Now we here at the Raw Spa have a few products that use honey, specifically for the soothing properties it has on irritated skin. The Aftercare Skin Parfait, Aftercare Body Frosting from the Erotica Sensualis line and Green Nile Body Balm from the Jewel of the Nile line all pair honey with soothing raw aloe, to make for absolutely fabulous creams to slather all over your body. You can also find honey liberally swirled through all of the Cleopatra products- formulated for sensitive and/or damaged skin.

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This weeks smooth sale: Apricot Oil!

Hey Gang! It’s Monday which means it’s time for another rousing flash sale! This week’s spotlight ingredient is apricot oil, the healthy, hydrating friend to massage therapists everywhere! Which means our most powerful hydrating cream, Green Nile Body Balm, is 10% off this week!

In case you didn’t catch our “WTF is…”, this week we covered apricot oil. A few fun facts: First, nobody knows where the apricot was originally grown. The leading theory suggests Armenia but China is also a popular theory. Also on top of being a good source of linoleic and oleic acid, apricot oil is also a phenomenal natural lubricant. Since it absorbs into the skin quickly it is often used as a slick massage oil that does not leave much residue.

Whether it be for a massage or to hydrate your skin, our Green Nile Body Balm uses a powerful combination of ingredients to get the job done.

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WTF is… Apricot Oil?!

If you’ve never spent an afternoon off with a bag of dried apricots we here at the raw spa definitely recommend it. The delicious fruit snack is all natural (which is good), very nutritious (which is great), and super tasty (which we absolutely love). Also a bag of dried apricots lack the stone, or kernel, in the center. And while sometimes we may wish to burn the pits of fruit in…well a pit, thankfully we have a much better use for them. Introducing Apricot Kernel Oil, a healthy part of any balanced massage.

Sooo delicious! Image via lifehealthandbeauty,com

Don’t go rubbing yourself with these just yet! Image via lifehealthandbeauty,com

But lets learn up before we get to the rub downs. Although apricots are grown wherever the climate can support them, nobody really knows what country the apricot came from. The leading theory of it’s origin is Armenia, since it was cultivated there for so long nobody thought to question it. However other sources suggest China or India were the first to domesticate the apricot. Regardless of where it started from Turkey is currently the worlds leading producer of the tasty fruit.

The pits actually ARE good for something! Image via

The pits actually ARE good for something! Image via

Now apricot oil, or apricot kernel oil as it is sometimes called, is absolutely fantastic at helping to maintain skin. Our good friends linoleic and oleic acid make a comeback, as well as serving as a fabulous smooth lubricating agent. And since it is absorbed into the skin quickly, it makes for a soothing and gentle massage oil.

If you’re looking for a smooth spread, our Green Nile body balm from the Jewel of the Nile line has one of the gentlest textures available in our store. With the apricot oil we mixed into it a just a dab or two should cover wherever you want healthy, happy and hydrated skin.

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And in case you didn’t catch our “WTF is…” this week almonds are very good for you, being an great source of Vitamin E, Vitamin B, essential minerals, folate and dietary fiber. And that’s just if you eat them! Almond oil is also rich in Vitamin E and emollients which help protect the skin from damage and even have the potential to help with skin related conditions. That’s almonds for you, good for the body inside and out!

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